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Frisco Moms Care aims to engage women to support and lift one another for the betterment of our community. Through the below programs, we create opportunities for women to care for each other by supplementing and/or filling gaps in community funding for families in need through financial assistance, clothing, housewares, meals, and other special support.

What We Do

FM Cares Community Support

Frisco Moms Care

Through a partnership with Trusted World, we are able to provide quality gently used clothing to the whole family. Those clothing orders are then available for pickup in Frisco typically within 24 to 48 hours, if not sooner.

Frisco Moms Care

Food Boxes

These emergency food boxes, stocked on FM Cares shelves, are carefully packed to ensure each member of the family has enough food to eat three meals a day for a week. 

Frisco Moms Care

Personal Hygiene Kit
Many times items like shampoo and soap are taken for granted and personal hygiene is a huge need in every community. These fill the emergency need, so no matter the circumstance each individual has their  basic hygiene met. We have feminine hygiene on hand as well.

Frisco Moms Care Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supply Packages
When donations allow, we have various household cleaning supplies ready for those that need them. These are items not covered by their SNAP benefits and are highly sought after by families.

Emergency Utility Bill Assistance**

In the event of an emergency we are able to offer a one time utility bill payment to those that qualify, as long as funds allow. Applicants must be able to produce a bill in their name as we only make payments directly to the utility provider.
**At this time this assistance is specific to families in the cities of Frisco, Little Elm, or those that fall within the FISD or LEISD boundaries. 

Bill Assistance is currently NOT available due to funding limits. This will update if funding becomes available.

Our Community Projects

Frisco Moms Care Sweetheart Valentine's Project

Valentine's Sweetheart Project
Local mothers who have been recently widowed or lost a child are nominated by community members and adopted as our “Valentine.” We assemble and personally deliver baskets of gifts and services that we hope remind them they are loved.

Frisco Moms Care Mother's Day NICU Project

Mother's Day Project
Gift baskets of comfort items are delivered to mothers of patients in local pediatric cardiac units, pediatric intensive care units, and neonatal intensive care units for Mother's Day.

Image by Will Francis

Frisco Moms Squad Facebook Group
Local Facebook group where women can share inspirational things, to uplift one another, to get helpful community information, to get parenting help and to provide a place for women to meet & make new friends. Currently 12,000 local, active women.

Support Our Work

Make a donation or volunteer today. If you or someone you know is
in need of assistance, learn more about how to apply for help.

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